FFF: One POV or multiple POV’s?

Fun Fact Friday is a weekly meme by Book Admirer with the purpose of getting to know fellow book bloggers.

I realized that there are many readers out there, and I have learned some of those in previous posts. However, one thing I was curious about was if people had a preference when it came to changing point of views. Do they prefer the story told by one character or a story that switches between character.

For me, I like the multiple POV. I find that it makes the plot more interesting in most cases. In some cases, you can see the same incident as seen through different eyes. I have also learned that usually an author switches to fill a potential story gap with a character while moving the story forward at the same time. While I do enjoy stories told by one character, I am often finding myself asking, “I wonder what that character thought.” It’s also helpful to flesh out and understand the main character’s motives.

What do you prefer? Why?

Fun Fact Friday: First or third person POV?

pov fff

POV is never a factor in what books I read. I usually find out the POV when I open the cover and begin to read.

I will say that the majority of books that I read is third person narrative so when I do read first person, its a nice change.It’s simpler to read and I get through those book fairly quickly. I read somewhere that first person narrative is consider the “easy way out” for writers so its probably why I find more third person narrative.