Books written before I was born I want to read

For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, it’s all about the books written before we were born that we have read or want to read. I decided to focus my list on the books I want to read that are currently on my bookshelves. Except I am now feeling old because all the books I have that were published before 1987 are classics. Hmmm.

Farewell My Lovely‘ by Raymond Chandler (1940)

I think I received this book in a book swap some time ago and I have even written about it as being one that I wasn’t interested in reading. However, I have seen nothing but good reviews about it and now I am intrigued. I may read it one of these days.

The Golden Notebook‘ by Doris Lessing (1962)

Another book I bought that I have yet to read. However, I may do so sooner than I thought as this is on the list of future reads for the Modern Library Book Club.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn‘ by Betty Smith (1943)

I have seen this book on so many must read lists that I eventually just bought it. I figured that if I had it on my shelf I would read it. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. Even though it’s another highly rated book, I think I am afraid that I am not going to like it.

The Good Earth‘ by Pearl S. Buck (1931)

There is something about this book. I have had it on my shelves for years but I really do want to get to it.

Watership Down‘ by Richard Adams (1975)

I am going to be honest here and I bought this book originally because it was a classic and it had been on another one of those must read lists. I didn’t know what it was about nor had heard much about it. Lo and behold when I went and did my research, it’s about animals, more specifically rabbits and “bad-ass rabbits” at that. It had rave reviews. Now I want to read this book more than ever.

The Hobbit‘ by J. R. R. Tolkien (1937)

I absolutely loved “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, both the books and the movies. While I couldn’t get into the Hobbit movies, but I really want to read the book. I loved Tolkien’s writing and I really want to know the story of Bilbo Baggins.

A River Runs Through It‘ by Norman Maclean (1976)

I think I acquired this book at a library book sale because for some reason it sounded familiar to me. It kept on bugging until I finally looked it up and saw that it was a movie, which I think I saw. And if the book is anything like the movie, I think I am going to like it, maybe even more.

Things Fall Apart‘ by Chinua Achebe (1958)

We are going to be reading this book in my Modern Library Book Club at some point and I can’t wait. I have heard great things about this book.

The Sound and the Fury‘ by William Faulkner (1929)

I could have sworn that I read most of Faulkner when I was a teenager, but I can’t remember anything. I just think my little brain wasn’t ready for the words of Faulkner at the time. I had to read “As I Lay Dying” a year or so ago for book club and I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to read more of him. In fact I began to acquire his books at the local library book sales. And this one is probably one of his most known works.

The Jungle‘ by Upton Sinclair (1905)

Another book we are planning to read in The Modern Library Book Club in the next year and I can’t wait to read it. I may even read it sooner.

What books published before you were born do you want to read? Share your own Top Tuesday in the comments

New-to-me authors I read in 2020

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, was a little challenging, mainly because most of the books I read in 2020 were from my favorite authors. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it to 10 but there were a few that I completely forgot were new to me.

  1. Christina Baker Kline – I finally got around to reading “Orphan Train” last year and it became one of my favorite reads of 2020. I know that Kline recently came out with another book and to say that I am excited to read it is an understatement.
  2. Ann Napolitano – I honestly never heard of Napolitano until I had to read her newest book “Dear Edward,” which also made to my favorites of 2020. I was surprised to learn that Napolitano has two other novels out. I think I may have to check them out.
  3. Madeleine Miller – I know that many of Miller’s books have been on raved about for a few years. I’m not one to read fantasy or greek mythology but thanks to book club, I ended up reading “Circe”. I didn’t think I was going to like it and ended up loving it.
  4. Susan Orlean – Loved “The Library Book” which I acquired through a care package from friends during the COVID-19 crisis. It was another book that I thought I wasn’t going to like because it was nonfiction and ended up loving it. It even made it to my favorites list for nonfiction.
  5. Delia Owens – We had to read “Where the Crawdads Sing” for book club. Owen’s writing is absolutely beautiful and I was surprised that it was her first fiction book. She seriously needs to write another.
  6. Kristin Hannah – I know that Hannah has been around for awhile. In fact, I have been wanting to read her books for years, but for some reason I never got around to it. Thank goodness for book club because we got to read “The Great Alone” and I absolutely loved it. I totally plan to check out her other books. She even has a new book coming out later this year.
  7. Tayari Jones – I had no plans to read “An American Marriage” but then when I received it in the care package, I thought why not. I remembered all the hype about it and though I was late to the party, I wasn’t disappointed. Jones has created characters that you love and hate and weaves a story that makes you look at things in all perspectives. I am glad I learned that she has written other novels because I plan to check them out soon.
  8. Pat Barker – I had never heard of Pat Barker before until we had to read “Regeneration” in book club. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am even considering reading some of her other works, especially the continuation of this trilogy.
  9. Shirley Jackson – Why it has taken me so long to read any of Jackson’s works I have no idea. I finally got around to reading “The Haunting of Hill House” and I definitely want to read more of her works.
  10. Stephanie Garber – Ok, so I have repeatedly seen “Caraval” make the rounds in the book blogosphere. I wasn’t planning to read “Caraval” but when I received it as a gift, I figured I would give it a try. And I am sorry to say that I just didn’t enjoy it. It’s not to say that I wouldn’t read any other works by Garber but the Caraval series stops with book one for me.

What new authors did you read in 2020? Are any on this list? Let’s discuss!

TTT: Books I meant to read in 2020 but didn’t get to

For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, I couldn’t help but cringe a little. I know for a fact, based on the number I was shy in my Goodreads challenge, this wasn’t going to be fun. Yet, upon looking back there weren’t a lot of books that I planned to read and didn’t get to in 2020. I think because I kept putting the same books on my monthly TBRs until I did read them or I just didn’t do the seasonal TBRs for the simple reason that when I make the list I don’t read them. Even so, I still managed to fill the list, because let’s face it, aren’t there always book “we meant to get to?”

I swear when this book came out last year, I was going to read it immediately. It was one of those books that just called to me. Or so I thought. It sits on my bookshelf still waiting for it’s spine to be cracked open. Maybe this year.

I was super excited when this book was released. It was on my fall TBR and I went out and bought it shortly after it came out. I still haven’t gotten a chance to read it.

You should all know by now that I haven’t gotten to this book, given that it has been on my monthly TBR for three months in a row. It’s funny because I LOVED “Homegoing”. I’m chalking it up to the fact that I’m just not ready for it yet. When I do finally sit down to read it, I am going to love it all the more.

I read “Station’s Eleven” right before the pandemic hit (ironic, huh?) and loved it (well before I thought the events in the book were really happening). Anyway, when I learned shortly after finishing Mandel’s first book that I didn’t have long to wait to read her next one, I was glad. And yet, it’s so many months later and it’s yet to be in my crosshairs. Didn’t even make an attempt to buy the book, but I am sure I can loan it from the library at some point. Just looked and all the copies are on loan.

I absolutely loved “The Night Circus” and my husband was all so nice to make sure to get me a copy of this book for Christmas 2019. So why, guys, have I not read this book yet? It sits on my bookshelf judging me. Though my husband did buy me a copy of “The Night Circus” this Christmas so I am hoping a reread of that will give me the motivation to move on to “The Starless Sea.”

I had every intentions of reading this book, especially since the synopsis sounds intriguing. Yet, another book simply kept getting in the way.

Ok so this one is no fault of my own. This was a book club read and I planned to read it, especially because it would have been a great October read. However, the book store I ordered it from, never filled the order. Nor did I get any correspondence about the order being backordered. I think it’s all but lost at this point.

This one doesn’t necessarily fit the criteria since I did get to it, but just didn’t finish it. I haven’t DNF’d it, just laid it aside for awhile. I will get back around to it at some point.

“The Orphan Train” was another book I only read this year and loved it. And ironically, her newest book came out right around the same time. I did have this book in my hand at the bookstore a few months ago and yet I put it back. What is wrong with me?

I started this one for book club and didn’t finish. Not sure why. It was really good. I guess I am just not in the right head space at the moment. I seriously do want to finish it though because people keep alluding to how good it was, and I need to know what the hype is about.

So even though I didn’t get around to these books in 2020, that is not to say that I won’t in 2021. Last year, when I did the this type of post for the books I didn’t read in 2019, I ended up reading those books. So there tis hope yet.

What books didn’t you mean to read but didn’t get to in 2020? Have you gotten to any on this list? Let’s discuss!

T10T: Reading goals for 2021

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, asks us about our resolutions/hopes for the year. Since I posted previously about my goals for this blog, I figured that I would share some of my reading goals, which I alluded to in that previous post, but didn’t go into detail.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 65 books

So last year, I was about 20 books shy of completing my Goodreads challenge, which has never happened. But given what transpired, my motivation to read just wasn’t the same. Let’s just chalk it up to 2020 and leave it at that. With that being said, I kept the reading number the same. There is no reason why I can’t reach this goal, especially since I have a plan for my reading list.

Check off a book from The Classics Club list

At the end of the year, I redid my list for the 50 books I wanted to read for The Classics Club. This year I want to make it a priority that I check off some of the books and keep up with the list. Since some of the books on the list are already in line to be read for the Modern Library Book Club, all I have to do is make sure to add a book on the off months. Easy enough.

Read a book on my personal shelves

I am sure that all of us have that never ending pile of books on our bookshelves that we have never read. I really want to dig into these books this year and tip the scale so that the number of books read is more than the unread book. Book club helps with this, and there are a few books to be read that are already on my bookshelf, but again, it’s a matter of making sure that I have at least one every month.

Some of the nonfiction books adorning my bookshelves

Read more nonfiction

I am also hoping to include a nonfiction book to my monthly reading list. There is a pile of nonfiction books I want to get to, books that have been on my bookshelves for years, so this will check off two goals at once. Factor in that one of my book clubs plans to read a non-fiction book every other month, this will definitely be attainable.

Review as many books as possible

This isn’t just for the blog but for me. I think of reviews as a sort of book diary if you will, one that I can go back and reread whenever I want. There have been so many good books that I have read that I wish that I wrote what I thought about it. I have some review pages in my personal planner to help with this so I can at least jot down my favorite quotes or a part of the book that really stuck with me.

One of the reading tracker pages I created for my planner

Keep a tracker

I am really interested in knowing at the end of the year, my reading trends. While I am pretty good at tracking the books I read in general, I really want to know how many of the books were 5 star reads, 4 star reads, 1 star reads as well as what genre I lean to, the number of pages I tend to read. I also plan to track how many books were female vs male authors and whether I read mainly newer books or older books.

Go to the library more

Prior to the pandemic, I utilized my library as much as possible, pretty much borrowing any book that I never read before and only buying it if I absolutely loved it. However, with libraries closed for a few months, I had no choice but to purchase my books and fell down the rabbit hole of online purchasing. I really want to get out of this habit. Libraries are open again and with the added benefit of curbside pickup, I can order the books I need ahead of time and then go pick them up when they are ready. No excuses. This is two-fold goal as I am trying to save money because my husband and I want to buy a house this year.

Read at least an hour a day

As I mentioned in my post about my blogging goals, one of my main priorities this year is to maintain a better work vs life balance. I let work get in the way too much last year, which is part of the reason why I didn’t read as much. I plan to beat that this year by trying to read at least an hour a day, whether it’s when I first wake up, during my lunch break (I usually work through my hour break), or at night right before bed.

What are your goals for 2021? Do you have any reading goals? Let’s discuss!

2021 releases I can’t wait to read

It’s a whole new year of Top 10 Tuesday, a weekly meme from That Artsy Reader Girl. At first when I saw that this week’s topic was to write about the anticipated releases for the first half of the year, I kind of balked. Except for a select few that I had been watching, I had no clue what books were coming out. So I did some digging and ended up with more than I thought I would.

Release: January 12

There is something about this book that seems to be calling to me. When I first saw it, it intrigued me, but having just come off Obama’s book, I needed a little break from nonfiction so I went for something else. Now I am regretting it. It’s one of those books that have started to follow me around the internet. And those end up being the really good ones. Guess I am going to have to get this sooner than later.

Concrete Rose: January 12

Can I just say how excited I am that Angie Thomas wrote a prequel to “The Hate U Give”. That was a book that I wouldn’t have read had it not been for book club and I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to read about her father, who was always that mystifying figure, that you knew had a story of his own to tell.

Release Feb. 2 (Reprint)

I didn’t realize that this was a reprint until I went on Goodreads but nevertheless I am just hearing about it, so here it is. In fact it is on my way to my house because I snagged an early release of it. I don’t know why this book has intrigued me so, maybe because it’s about a shore town, which reminded me of my upbringing in Jersey. I can’t wait to read it. Besides I read Jane Harper’s The Dry for Book Club and loved it.

Release: February 2nd

Yet another author I was introduced to in the last few months, thanks to book club. Over the summer, we read “The Great Alone” which I loved. I can’t wait to read her latest book, a historical fiction novel, which according to reviews, she does a whole lot better. And so far the reviews have been raving.

Release: March 9th (WHY so long?!!)

Omg, omg omg. I can’t believe that Mbue finally has a new book out. It feels like an eternity. “Behold the Dreamers” is one of my all-time favorite books, that I recommend constantly. For a debut novel, it was superb and when I found out she had a new book I immediately put it on my calendar. You better believe it I will be preordering this.

Release: March 9th

I am so excited that a book that RBG was writing prior to her death is still being released, and I can’t wait to read it. I just saw the movie “On the Basis of Sex” and I am in full RBG mode. My TBR list is filling up with memoirs and autobiography’s of people in government I want to read, RBG included.

Release: April 6th

“Furiously Happy” was my first introduction to Jenny Lawson and I absolutely love her. She is hilarious as she describes her life dealing with crippling depression and anxiety, and all the crazy and awkward situations she gets into as a result. She is one of very few nonfiction authors on my must read list. I also love her because my laughter over her book caused my husband, who isn’t a reader, to pick it up. My husband who also suffers from depression and anxiety thought it was even more funny than I did. I bought him her other book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” for Christmas, but I am forbidden to read it until he does. What he doesn’t know is that this book is coming out. Haha. Never thought I would be fighting over books with my husband but there you go.

Release: April 20th

Another political memoir getting added to the pile. Not going to lie, I don’t know much about Mazie K. Hirono and it seems that she has been around for quite a few years. While she is only a junior senator, why don’t we ever hear about her? This is a book I definitely want to check out at some point.

What are some new releases that you are waiting for? Are any on this list? Let’s discuss!

Books I read once but want to read again

For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, we were asked about the books we want to read again. Immediately I began listing the same old books that I have reread countless times and have posted about in countless lists. I have read some amazing books over the years that deserve to be read more than once. I mean one is a lonely number after all. They should feel loved.

So here are the top 10 books that I think I seriously need to read again because once is just not enough.

“When She Woke” is a book I stumbled upon in the library one day and absolutely loved it. It is a dystopian type of novel where people who commit a crime are dyed to the color of the crime they commit. Red is for murder.

I have been dying for one of my book clubs to read this book so we can discuss it but alas no one has yet. I might just have to reread it on my own.

This is a book that you probably have heard me rave about. I first read this book when immigration started to become a focal issue in the US in 2017. This book really changed my perspective on the whole issue. I recommend it any chance that I can. It’s hard to believe that I have only read it once. Funny thing is that it’s been exactly three years. A reread is definitely in order.

This is similar to Americanah in terms of the immigration issue but it’s just as good. This is another book that I highly recommend and one that my friends have enjoyed as much as I did. It’s another book that I read for the first time a while ago that I need to revisit. Also, this was Mbue’s debut novel and her newest book comes out in 2021. Umm yeah, can you tell I’m excited?!

I first read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in freshman year of high school when my brother bought me the vintage leather bound collection of Twain’s work. I absolutely loved Sawyer as well as Huckleberry Finn at that time and recently I have been itching to read Sawyer again.

Khaled Hosseini books have a permanent place on my book shelf and yet, I have read each of his book just once. I absolutely loved Kite Runner and can still remember happening upon it at B&N, where I used to hang out in the middle of the day between working in the newsroom and waiting for a municipal meeting to start. I had read about 50 pages before I had to leave and decided to just buy the book. So glad that I did. But seriously, it’s been six years since that day.

Besides “Pride and Prejudice”, I have never read Austen’s other books more than once. I recently heard someone raving about “Sense and Sensibility” and I only have a vague recollection of what it is about. I think I need to reread it to get a full appreciation for it that I have for P&P. To be fair, I have read that one several times.

The one and only time that I read “The Scarlet Letter” was junior year of high school. However, I remember enjoying it and having an interesting discussion about it in class. I recently bought Hawthorne’s other book “The House of Seven Gables” which I have been meaning to read but I think I to get reacquainted with Hawthorne with a reread of his more famous novel.

Yes, I read this book earlier this year and yes, I know we are in the middle a pandemic but I seriously want to reread this book. I keep thinking about it. I may not reread it now but it’s definitely one that I foresee myself returning to in the future.

Despite this book making me ball like a baby, I absolutely loved it. Although the ending was bittersweet, the book was heartwarming and I just remember wanting to hug everyone. I want to revisit these characters so much. Besides, it’s been a good three years.

I have talked about this book a few times. It has been on my book shelf since I bought it at a scholastic book fair when I was in middle school. At the time, I was blown away by this book as Asian history was a mystery to me. I have reread it once since then but I seriously think I need to reread it again to see how my perspective has changed now that I am older. This may be a future review.

What books do you want to read again? Have you read any on this list? Let’s discuss!

TTT: Characters I would totally name a pet over

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl. For this week’s post, we were asked what characters we would name our pets over and I had a lot of fun with this.

Ever since reading ‘Shiloh’ in school, I have always wanted a beagle named Shiloh. Even if the book left me bawling.

I like the name Charlie for a dog and if I am not mistaken, Charlie is the name of the German Shepherd in “All Dogs Go To Heaven.” Win-win.

I have always loved the name of Oliver and it’s so cute for a pet. You can name it for any kind of animal really.

If I ever get a dog, I would definitely name it Scout.

You are probably thinking I am going to say Charlotte for this one. Nope. I am going with Templeton. My husband and I have Fancy Rats and I always nickname the fattest one Mrs. Templeton (we only get female rats) after the scene where he eats everything and has a big tummy.

Ok so this one is a 2-for-1. You have Bruno the dog and Gus the mouse. I love these names for pets.

Sorry gotta do it and go with Bella, especially for a dog.

Ok so there is a broad range of characters in this book that any of them can be good names for pets, but for me the winner is Gimli the dwarf. I always loved that name. Can you imagine naming a bulldog Gimli?

And last but not least, got to go with the famous Wookie in Star Wars – CHEWBACCA. In fact, my best friend, who is a Star Wars fan, named her Schnauzer after him and calls him Chewie for short. He definitely fits the name.

What characters would you name a pet over? Let’s discuss!

TTT: Super long book titles

When I saw this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, I thought it was going to be hard to come up with a list. I mean, for the most part, most titles are one to three words. But then as I was looking at my Goodreads, I realized that I have read several books with super long titles, though most of them were non-fiction. This is because they usually have sub-titles. That isn’t fair. So I dug a little deeper and tried to get only fiction books.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

-Fredrik Backman

I absolutely loved this book but for the life of me, I can never remember the full title. It makes it really difficult when recommending the book.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

– Mary Ann Shaffer

Another title, I can’t remember. Not only is this one long, it is a tongue twister. But honestly, this unique title is what made me read it in the first place.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

– Ransom Riggs

The title tells you all you need to know what this book about, though the children’s peculiarities are rather interesting.

Wicked: The Life and Time of the Wicked Witch of the West

– Gregory Maguire

Another title that basically summarizes the book for you right on the cover. Though what you think you know, is not what you know.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

– Mark Haddon

I read this book a long time ago but I remember it is about a child who has a type of autism.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

– Sherman Alexie

I can still remember browsing the library shelves and coming upon this book on a display. However, that is as much as I remember about this book. I think I may have to reread it.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

– James Joyce

While this long title may seem straight forward, if you know the work of James Joyce, it’s anything but. And though I don’t remember it, I apparently read it in college, according to the ‘A’ that I got on a five page paper about the book.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

– Mitch Albom

I have read this book since high school and vaguely remember it, but I will never forget the title. I think this is going to be a reread in the near future.

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

– James Weldon Johnson

I read this book fairly recently and still think about it from time to time. Namely that many of the issues the author experienced as a colored man are the same arguments that are being made today.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

– Jules Verne

I read this book back in high school. While I am not a huge sci-fi fan, I loved the journey Verne takes his reader’s on under the sea. The experience is quite unique.

Have you read any of the books on this list? What books have you read with long titles. Lets discuss!

TTT: Books on my Fall TBR

Fall has officially started. The weather has gotten brisk (though mother nature wants to jump to winter with her 30 degree nights) and the leaves are starting to change colors. There is a noticeable change in the atmosphere when fall is here.

There is nothing like pulling on a hoodie and some fuzzy socks and curling up with a good book, especially a good thriller, on a brisk fall day. So what do I plan to read? Typically I wouldn’t be able to tell you but this year I’m prepared. Now whether I get to all of these is a whole other question.

I have never read the “The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson but have seen some of the movie versions that were made from it, including “The Haunting” with Liam Neesen. I really do want to watch the Netflix show which I heard is amazing so maybe I will do a book/show double feature.

I have never heard of “Skin Folk” by Nalo Hopkinson but it’s on the list for an upcoming book club discussion but it definitely sounds spooky. It’s a collection of short stories but apparently vampires and a werewolf make an appearance. A perfect book with Halloween coming up.

The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell is another book I have never heard of but its a book club read. It’s a science fiction book that involves the discovery of extraterrestrial life, so a bit perfect for the season. It’s also fitting considering scientists recently found potential biological organisms on Venus and they are working to confirm whether there is life on another planet.

“The Starless Sea” by Erin Morgenstern has been sitting on my book shelf since I got it last Christmas. Don’t ask me why I haven’t gotten to it yet. I really don’t know but I think I need to crack this beauty open considering its the time for magic and all.

Midnight Sun” by Stephanie Meyer. C’mon are you surprised? It has to do with a vampire and considering this just came out, I need to read it! I was always Team Edward and I need to know what he has to say.

The Return” by Nicholas Sparks is probably the only non-fallish book but since it is coming out at the end of the month, it automatically goes on the list. I have already pre-ordered it at the local book store and anxiously awaiting for it to arrive.

The Library Book” by Susan Orlean is another fall book club read so on the list it goes. I am excited to finally get to it. It’s been on my TBR when it first came out.

Fall always puts me in the mood for a good classic, especially a good gothic horror book. I heard that the “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde is beyond freaky, which makes it perfect for this time of the year.

When we think of fall, we typically think of pumpkins, hay, ghosts and ghouls but Thanksgiving is another fall holiday. So a book about a food should be on the list. At least that is what my one book club says as they always pick one for November. This year, it’s “Relish: My Life in the Kitchen” by Lucy Knisley, which actually sounds like a pretty interesting and funny read. I am looking forward to this one.

November 2020 will unfold a critical election in the US as we vote in the next president (fingers crossed). It’s only fitting that some type of political book be on the TBR list and it just so happens that Barack Obama’s memoir “A Promised Land“, which highlights his presidency, comes out on November 17th. I read the George Bush memoir after Obama was elected in 2008 and since that was the first year I was old enough to vote, it is only fitting that I read about the president that got elected.

What are is on your list this fall? Have you read any on this list? Let’s discuss!

Books with colors in the titles

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is all about the books that have a colors in the titles. I thought this was going to be an easy one as I knew I had read a lot of books with some colorful titles. I got halfway through before I completely drew a blank and had to enlist Goodreads to go through all the books that I had read over the years.

What books have you read with colors in the titles? Have you read any on this list? Let’s discuss!