I’m Nicole, your true book admirer and lover of all things written. This obsession started at a very early age and has never ceased.

Reading and writing is my life…literally. I am a former reporter/editor that worked at a local daily newspaper in upstate New York and currently serve as a communications director in county government. So when I need to escape the reality of the world, I have no problems getting lost between the pages of a book.

That is where this blog comes in.  Since I have read a countless number of works, I figured that it was time to share my feedback. Plus, I joined three book clubs. Yes, three. And it was while I was in those book clubs, discussing the book of the month, that I realized how much I liked hearing how other people interpreted the same book in a different way. There is nothing better than having a lively discussion about a particular book and having to defend your viewpoint, especially when someone else disagrees. It brings me back to my school days, talking about a book in English class, or in college when we had to dissect a piece of literature. It helps me dig down and really get a true understanding of what the author is trying to convey.

So this blog is an attempt to keep my thoughts straight as well as, hopefully, shed some insight on authors and their works so that others may enjoy them. I hope you enjoy and if you are a fellow admirer, let’s talk! You can reach me on here or email me at nicole.antonucci3@gmail.com.



Your Book Admirer

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