Review: ‘Dreamland’ by Nicholas Sparks

This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks book that I am used to. It was definitely enjoyable but it wasn’t your typical romance and had a completely different feel.

Colby Miles is on vacation from the farm that he took over from his family. While in Florida, he takes on a music gig, reflecting on the musical career he once dreamed about before obligations and responsibilities took over. Then he meets Morgan Lee, a recent graduate of a musical program who plans to move to Nashville to be a star. As he gets to know Morgan and her passion for music, he begins to think about his own dreams and whether there is still time to do what he is passionate about.

Miles away, Beverly is trying to make a life for her and her son after fleeing an abusive husband. She finds a new place to call home and gets them settled, placing her son in the local school and starting to call it home, but she is constantly worried that her husband will find her.

Throughout most of the book I was waiting for that pivotal moment when the stories were going to collide. Sparks does a great job fleshing out the two plots and the characters until you think you know everything about them. Just when you get settled, Sparks pulls the rug out from under you. Having been ardent Sparks fan for years, I knew the twist was coming but he continuously surprises me on how he does it.

There was a musical element to this book that almost made it it’s own story. I have no doubts that a movie adaptation will be in the works soon enough and I am curious to know which celebrities will be cast for the roles of Colby and Morgan. I definitely want to hear the score that is put together for the music in this book.

If you enjoy Nicholas Sparks, there is no reason why you shouldn’t read this. Enjoyable all the way around.


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