Monday reading check in 8/16/21

What a difference a week makes. Governor Cuomo has resigned and NY is now getting its first female governor. So it’s no surprise that all of the news is currently about that as well as the Delta variant. This past week saw a flurry of events getting cancelled because people are once again nervous about holding events in person, which is understandable. It just means that my calendar has unexpectedly opened up.

Not that I am complaining. It means that I am able to leave work at normal hours and get plenty of reading in. I am blowing through my reading list, though that may slow down this week, since my book club read is not as exciting as I was hoping it was going to be. I may just DNF it because I may not be able to go to the book club discussion. On Wednesday, I am having oral surgery so I am probably going to be out for a few days, which includes both book club discussions that were planned for the week. The other one is discussing “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” which I loved. I am kind of disappointed I am going to miss the discussion for that one. I wanted to hear what everyone had to say. However, I am hoping that, pending how I am feeling, I can use the time off from work to catch up on my reviews.

I also hope to keep on track with the reading. I am glad that I am nearly through my reading list and we are only halfway through the month. Here is what I recently finished, what I am currently reading and what I plan to read next.

What I recently finished:

This was my first Andy Weir book and I absolutely loved it. Even though I may not have understood all the technical scientific terms that Weir uses in this book – and let’s face it, there is a lot – I didn’t need to know every definition to understand the story. This was a fast paced book that had me holding my breath at times. I mean the main character wakes up from a coma only to discover that he is riding in space, with two dead crew members and he has no recollection of why he is there or what his mission is – at least not at first. The reader feels like they are the ones that just woke up and they must discover the truth with him.

This was a book that was sent to me by the author who is from Troy, NY. He saw that I ran a local book club and wondered if we would be interested in reading it. I decided to read it myself. The book is about the author’s childhood growing up in Troy during the 50s/60s in a house that he and his family called the “Embassy.” It was interesting flash back to the past and reminded me of the stories that my own parents used to tell us of how they grew up albeit in New Jersey. The one drawback for me was the author’s style of writing. He used a lot of words in all caps which I think was for emphasis but was distracting due to the quantity. The author is interested in answering questions about the book, so I may take him up on that – at least for my piece of mind.

Books I am currently reading:

So this is the book club read that I am struggling to get into. I realized that there are no chapters or section breaks, which is a challenge when it’s a book that is not super interesting at the beginning. It seems to be one large narrative. The summary of this book says that the main character thinks she is the last person on Earth, which sounds interesting, but 30 pages in and so far it’s just stream of conscious style writing. I get that the author was probably going for that since the character is alone and of course, as she even admits, she has gone crazy here and there. But I just want to get to the part where we know why she is the only person on earth. Maybe I am being too impatient. I know I should give this book a chance, but I just hope it gets better. Otherwise I will probably not finish it.

Given my struggles with the previous read, I put it down and picked up Jenny Lawson’s newest book. And it feels like I picked up right where I left off with her. She is just as funny and her antics are just as crazy, though even more relatable. I am not that far into this book either but the first chapter had me hysterical as she tells about the times that she lost shoes, while still wearing them. And I can totally relate to it, though I never had to fight the elevator or tell a hotel manager that the elevator ate her shoe. HAHA. Though never say never.

What I plan to read next:

I have heard nothing but good things about this book and everyone at book club was raving about it when I announced that this was our next read. I am hoping that I feel the same way. Since this is a behemoth of a novel, we are taking up two months to get through it. We are reading parts 1-4 for September and then finishing the last 4 sections for October. I want to leave myself plenty of time to get through it, in case I don’t find it as great as everyone else thought.

How has your reading week been? What are you currently reading? Have you read any on this list?

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