TBR for August 2021

I am hoping that August will bring the summer that we have been missing out on here in upstate New York. While I don’t care for the hot humid days, I do miss the opportunities to lay out on the beach, which was my intention back in June before all the rain came in July. On a positive note, it looks like at least partly sunny for the next week. Here’s to hoping.

Things are picking back up at work and my calendar for August is quickly filling up. I am not so stressed as I have a new immediate boss and things are different with her than with my last boss. I think we are going to get along and working together is not going to be an issue. Which will make my life easier, especially since I have so much I want to do at home.

My husband and I are starting the daunting task of house hunting and it’s a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. I actually have pencil it into my schedule. However, it is fun to go traipsing through different houses to discover what we want, though some have been downright appalling.

Even with this crazy schedule of mine, I hope that will be able to get through my reading list this month.

Book Club picks

Ending Up” by Kingsley Amis

I didn’t get to this book last month but since we are going to be discussing it this week in Modern Library Book Club, I have no choice but get into it. However, I don’t think this book is going to take me long to read, as it sounds downright hilarious.

Wittgenstein’s Mistress” by David Markson

I had never heard of this book before someone in Metaphorically Speaking Book Club suggested it. The book is hard to find but I managed to purchase it online. I am intriqued by the title and the summary. I am hoping this is better than “Blonde” which I wasn’t able to finish.

Middlemarch” by George Eliot

I am so excited to finally read this book. It’s only been on my TBR forever, but I have always been intimidated by this book. Since it is such a large read, my book club has decided to break it up into two months so we will discuss parts 1-4 in September and parts 5-8 in October.

Personal picks

Broken (in the best possible way)” by Jenny Lawson

I know that as soon as I open this book, I am going be dying with laughter. I am going to try to get through my book club reads as fast as possible so I can tumble down the rabbit hole into Lawson’s world. She is always entertaining.

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