‘An Offer From a Gentleman’ by Julia Quinn

The third book in the Bridgerton series has become my favorite so far, which is funny because when I first started reading the book I didn’t think I was going to like it, mainly because of the Cinderella theme. And yet, by the end of the book I was crying over this book. There is just so much emotion in this plot, you can’t help but get swept up into it.

What almost killed it for me at the beginning was that the Cinderella theme was a little too obvious and almost mirrored the story exactly except there was a missing glove rather than a missing glass slipper. In fact, I felt like I was reading the book version of the movie “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore. I could picture the movie play out right in my head as Sophie looks waits for her father’s carriage to arrive with her new mother and two step daughters to the father’s death and Sophie then becoming a servant to the night of the masquerade, which is also in ‘Ever After’ where she wears a gown from her grandmother (similar to the movie) and inevitably “meets” Benedict Bridgerton. Of course, this is a masquerade, so to say they meet is taken with a grain of salt since Sophie has to dash out before the unmasking.

Luckily the Cinderella theme only plays out for the first third of the book and then I feel the novel really begins to pick up. We fast forward a few years to where Sophie is trying to make ends meet on her own. Then one fateful night she finds herself in some trouble only to have Benedict stumble across her and try to help her in more ways than one. I loved the relationship that blossoms between the two.

Sophie is not like our other female characters in the other books who are part of the ton looking for marriage. Sophie is of the lower class and though she knows that she shouldn’t fall for one of the most eligible bachelors, she can’t forget the one night when she felt like she belonged. She has had a hard life but she know what she likes and is independent. I loved how she stood up to Benedict and refused to let him turn her into something she isn’t. Also can I just say how much I cheered for her when she finally stood up to her stepmother Amarinta? That women deserved what she got! If Sophie didn’t stand up to her I think I would have for her. Ugh! Vile woman!

Benedict on the other hand is not like the other Bridgerton males. While Anthony is loaded down with the burden of heading the family since the death of their father, Benedict doesn’t have that responsibility. However, he isn’t with his own secrets, secrets which Sophie uncovers little by little. Where Anthony is somewhat colder, Benedict is more emotional. While he knows that he shouldn’t go for the girl that is of the lower class, he is ready to tell them all to go to hell.

The other thing that I liked about this book is how Quinn changed the main POV to a non-Bridgerton. Sure we get Benedict’s POV here and there but Quinn primarily uses Sophie’s perspective through out the novel. I loved the change.

I should also note that Quinn seems to be making her female characters more and more independent and free thinkers. Granted I am only on the third book but even in this story, we get some more background on the younger Bridgerton sisters. I think Daphne’s independence is going to pale in comparison to Eloise. I so can’t wait to read her story.

And of course, Lady Whistledown is still up to her usual rumor mongering. However, I must say she was little more tempered in this book then she was in the other two. There is even a bit of foreshadowing at the end of the book that makes me wonder if Whistledown’s identity will at last be uncovered.

This series is everything I thought it was going to be and more. Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does. I so can’t wait learn about the relationships the other Bridgerton siblings end up getting into.

Have you read “An Offer From a Gentleman”? What did you think? Let’s discuss!

2 thoughts on “‘An Offer From a Gentleman’ by Julia Quinn

  1. […] In fact, the following two stories, “The Viscount Who Loved Me” and “An Offer From a Gentleman” are just as enjoyable as we read about Anthony Bridgerton and Benedict Bridgerton and their romances, which I am happy to say are all different. Anthony’s plan is to marry without love just to fullfill his duty as the heir of the Bridgerton property and Benedict ends up meeting a mysterious women at a masquerade that ends up haunting his dreams. Each of these stories I loved differently. As I explain in my review of The Viscount, I loved the love-hate relationship between Anthony and Kate which leads to some comical situations that had me laughing aloud. The opposite was true of An Offer. I didn’t think I was going to even like the story and ended up loving it. It was one of the more emotional of the three and actually brought me to tears, which I explain more here. […]


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