Spring cleaning: Books put into the donation box

For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, we are doing some spring cleaning.

Over the last few years, my habit of going to the library and only purchasing books that I absolutely loved has gone to the wayside. Mainly because I am in four book clubs and sometimes it is just easier to buy the books I need than try to get it at the library. And this past year, when the libraries closed due to the pandemic, my book buying got a little out of control.

In an attempt to control the chaos and keep my book shelves from overflowing, I have started to keep a book donation box on the side. As I read a book that I have purchased or was given as a gift, I decide whether it’s worthy to stay on my shelves. If not, it goes into the box. Every few months, I then go through my shelves and start to purge any books that I don’t think I want anymore. Here are the 10 most recent books that I have added to the box.

I read this book a few months ago and was not impressed. The writing was good and it was interesting, but it wasn’t one of those books that blew me away nor one that I would revisit.

This is a great young adult read about the holocaust. Even reading it as an adult, it tore at my heartstrings, but what book about the holocaust doesn’t? Yet, now that I have read it, I don’t think I need to hold on to it.

Another fun read that I wholly enjoyed, more than I thought I would. However, it isn’t one that I feel overly close to and I don’t think I will be rereading it any time soon.

So I got through maybe a quarter of this book before I absolutely couldn’t read it anymore. I love Jane Austen but I felt that Fowler was trying too hard to fit her characters with the characters of the Jane Austen books and it just irked me. If I ever want to try reading it again, I will borrow it from the library.

This was a book club read last year and it was definitely an interesting read. The author attempts to help white people understand why talking about race is important and how to do it without saying the wrong things. However, I thought at times she was being a little preachy about it and didn’t agree with everything she had to say. While it did create a good discussion about during book club, it’s another book that I don’t feel the need to hang on to.

Ok so this book has been hyped about more times than I can tell, so when I acquired it as a gift, I was excited to read it. But I ended up being disappointed. I just couldn’t relate to any of the characters at all and found myself getting bored with the plot. I know this is the first book of a series and she is probably just getting warmed up but in my opinion, each book should be able to stand on its own. This just didn’t do it for me.

This was another book club read over the past year and honestly, as I sit here writing this, I can’t remember what Lindy West had to say. I do remember while she did make some interesting points, I wasn’t over impressed by the book. Can’t you tell?

As you all know, “Little Women” is one of my all-time favorite books and I finally got around reading one of the biographies about author Louisa May Alcott. However I was disappointed. The first half of the book was more about Louisa’s father and while he had an influence on her life, I thought the author could have focused it more on her. There was also too much description about side issues that could have been edited out. I have heard there are way better biographies, which I plan to check out in the future.

I have seen this book on so many “must read” lists. While I thought it was good, it was a story I felt that I had read before. I don’t understand why this book stands out compared to others.

Another book club read. I thought this was a really good book that keeps you in suspense and the pages turning. However, I have no desire to reread it anytime soon.

What books are you cleaning off your shelves? Are there any books on here I should reconsider? Let’s discuss!

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