Books written before I was born I want to read

For this week’s Top 10 Tuesday, by That Artsy Reader Girl, it’s all about the books written before we were born that we have read or want to read. I decided to focus my list on the books I want to read that are currently on my bookshelves. Except I am now feeling old because all the books I have that were published before 1987 are classics. Hmmm.

Farewell My Lovely‘ by Raymond Chandler (1940)

I think I received this book in a book swap some time ago and I have even written about it as being one that I wasn’t interested in reading. However, I have seen nothing but good reviews about it and now I am intrigued. I may read it one of these days.

The Golden Notebook‘ by Doris Lessing (1962)

Another book I bought that I have yet to read. However, I may do so sooner than I thought as this is on the list of future reads for the Modern Library Book Club.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn‘ by Betty Smith (1943)

I have seen this book on so many must read lists that I eventually just bought it. I figured that if I had it on my shelf I would read it. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. Even though it’s another highly rated book, I think I am afraid that I am not going to like it.

The Good Earth‘ by Pearl S. Buck (1931)

There is something about this book. I have had it on my shelves for years but I really do want to get to it.

Watership Down‘ by Richard Adams (1975)

I am going to be honest here and I bought this book originally because it was a classic and it had been on another one of those must read lists. I didn’t know what it was about nor had heard much about it. Lo and behold when I went and did my research, it’s about animals, more specifically rabbits and “bad-ass rabbits” at that. It had rave reviews. Now I want to read this book more than ever.

The Hobbit‘ by J. R. R. Tolkien (1937)

I absolutely loved “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, both the books and the movies. While I couldn’t get into the Hobbit movies, but I really want to read the book. I loved Tolkien’s writing and I really want to know the story of Bilbo Baggins.

A River Runs Through It‘ by Norman Maclean (1976)

I think I acquired this book at a library book sale because for some reason it sounded familiar to me. It kept on bugging until I finally looked it up and saw that it was a movie, which I think I saw. And if the book is anything like the movie, I think I am going to like it, maybe even more.

Things Fall Apart‘ by Chinua Achebe (1958)

We are going to be reading this book in my Modern Library Book Club at some point and I can’t wait. I have heard great things about this book.

The Sound and the Fury‘ by William Faulkner (1929)

I could have sworn that I read most of Faulkner when I was a teenager, but I can’t remember anything. I just think my little brain wasn’t ready for the words of Faulkner at the time. I had to read “As I Lay Dying” a year or so ago for book club and I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to read more of him. In fact I began to acquire his books at the local library book sales. And this one is probably one of his most known works.

The Jungle‘ by Upton Sinclair (1905)

Another book we are planning to read in The Modern Library Book Club in the next year and I can’t wait to read it. I may even read it sooner.

What books published before you were born do you want to read? Share your own Top Tuesday in the comments

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