My TBR for February 2021

2021 is starting to look good for me. I am feeling more and more like I have things under control in all aspects of my life and it just feels good. It helps for when work is extraordinarily stressful. I am finding that I can manage it better.

This has made me able to focus more on what I am reading and over the past weekend I have been plowing through books at a surprising rate. I am a book ahead on my Goodreads challenge, which hasn’t happened in a long time, and while this may not last, I am riding the wave for as long I can.

So when I looked at February I decided to add more books than usual on my list. In the past that has hurt me more than it has helped me, but given that I have already finished my February book club reads, most of the books on this list are personal reads or book club picks for next month.

Book Club picks

When She Woke‘ by Hillary Jordan

In the Metaphorically Speaking Book Club last month, we had a book selection event for the year. This was my pick which we will be discussing in March. I have been dying to talk about this book since I read it a few years ago. I am so glad to be rereading this book and will get a chance to share it with others. I just hope that I love it as much as I did the first time.

Nightwoods‘ by Charles Frazier

I have never heard about this book but it’s the March read for the Modern Library Book Club and considering all of the books have been 4-5 stars so far, I am optimistic that this one will be just as good.

Personal picks

The Space Between Worlds‘ by Micaiah Johnson

So the book is back, but I have already started reading this one and I am hooked. I am not too far along but already we are talking about 372 worlds and a person has a doppelganger on each one. You can’t travel to a world unless that doppelganger is dead. From the synopsis, the main character has 8 doppelgangers left and apparently one dies suddenly dies mysteriously. No need to say more. I want to find out what happens.

The Girl with the Louding Voice‘ by Abi Dare

I was at a loss of what else to read this month and then I saw this book sitting on my book shelf. It is one that I have been wanting to read for awhile and never seem to be able to fit it in. I am so glad that I can now.

Into the Wild‘ by Jon Krakauer

Since I am trying to read more nonfiction and none were on the list for book club, I decided to pluck one from my personal bookshelf. I have been wanting to read more Krakauer since I was first introduced to his writing style in “Missoula”. While it was a hard book to get through given the subject matter, Krakauer’s writing style was objective while painting a clear picture on what happened, based on facts. I have heard so many good things about this one.

Brave New World‘ by Aldous Huxley

I have been meaning to read this book for a while and it’s one on my Classics Club list which I am trying to get through. Also, I have been on a dystopian kick as of late, if this reading list is any indication.

What books are you reading in February? Have you read any on this list? What did you think?

3 thoughts on “My TBR for February 2021

  1. The Girl with the Louding Voice is a fabulous book. I picked it up at a bookshop (back in the magical days when they were open in the UK) not knowing anything about it but intrigued by the unusual title. It became one of my 10 favourite books last year

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