October reading wrap-up

So when I was doing my reading list for this month, I failed to remember how busy October gets at my job, what with the release of the County budget.

This year, it was even more so since we front loaded all the budget review meetings into a week. So for the last two weeks of October I have been working 12-hour shifts pretty much every night during the week, leaving my weekends to sleep and get caught up on news of the Presidential election.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t get much reading done this month except for three books. Others I have started but haven’t managed to finish yet and then there are those I just didn’t get to.

You all know by now that whenever Nicholas Sparks releases a new book, I jump on that right away and this was no exception. “The Return” was a quick read, as Sparks books usually are. However, it wasn’t my favorite of his books. I felt the book was a little predictable and lacked the usual surprising twist that is a trademark of his.

While I wanted to read this book, I was little hesitant about doing so, especially when I heard it was nonfiction. I have had it on my bookshelf for a few months before the Capital District Book Club selected it for October. I thought it was going to be a boring book about a library fire. However, this book was far from boring. It was intriguing. Not only does Orlean go into the LA fire of 1986 but she uses that to get into what makes libraries so great and even weaves in her own personal experiences with libraries. I gobbled up this book in a few days. I was just bummed I couldn’t participate in the book club discussion due to budget meetings.

“The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson was the perfect book for October so I am glad that the Modern Library Book Club selected it for this month. I have seen the movie “The Haunting” starring Liam Neesen so I knew some of the story, or at least I thought I did. Basically a doctor decides to do a study on fear and the psychological effects of the supernatural so he enlists two females for the study who have had weird things happen to them. Also there is the heir to the house, a young man who is just there to keep an eye on things. While I enjoyed the book, I feel the movie ruined it for me to some degree. The movie added a few plot points that weren’t in the book, so when I finished the book, I felt like it was cut short. I plan to watch the Netflix show to see how it compares.

So guys, what I did do this month was join another book club. Wait, before you start screaming that I am in four already, I swapped out the Barnes and Noble Book Club, since I wasn’t really feeling the books they were selecting. Instead I joined a small book club, the type of book club where a bunch of girls drink wine gathered in someone’s living room. Anyway “Hidden Figures” is the book they will be discussing the first week of November. I haven’t finished it yet, but it should be done by the time we talk.

“Transcendent Kingdom” is another book I have started but have yet to finish. It’s starting a little slow for me but I have a feeling that the ending is going to deliver a sucker punch. At least I am hoping anyway.

I was actually looking forward to reading this book, but alas I ordered it from the bookstore and to this day, I have yet to receive it. So I couldn’t go to the SARAH Book Club this month. I guess I will get it when I get it.

The other book I didn’t get to was:

I guess I will get to it when I get to it. Though it is still high on my to read list.

So when I am not reading books, I am usually watching movies or shows. My husband and I watched the “Comey Rule”, which with the ever present election looming over us, it is a good reminder of what happened back in 2016. Then we got into “The Boys” the anti-hero show about a group trying to take down a hero organization based on lies and falsehoods. It was bingeworthy good, and my husband and I finished both seasons in a few weekends.

As for Halloween, well, we didn’t really get any trick or treaters and now my husband and I are eating all the candy.

What did you read in October? Have you read any on this list? Let’s discuss!

One thought on “October reading wrap-up

  1. I absolutely loved Transcendent Kingdom, so I hope you’ll stay with it. I can see where it started a bit slow but once you get into the main character’s childhood it should grab you. I don’t usually like books that are a lot about faith, but this one really worked for me. I also agree with your review of The Library Book. It covered so many interesting issues.
    Hoping for a calmer November – we’ll see!


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