March reading wrap-up

What is the old saying, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? Well, I don’t think the lion got the memo to leave, because he is still roaring. I know this saying usually refers to the changes in temperature, what with the arrival of spring, but this now applies to everything. Because the world has gone to shit and we are on the brink of becoming the characters in “Station Eleven”. You know where a mysterious flu wipes out a good part of civilization and redefines society. Well maybe, that’s a little dramatic, but its how I am feeling right about now.

New York is currently the worst hit state in the United States with every single county affected by the virus. I live in upstate near the Capitol and it’s eerie to see how things have grinded to a halt. Yet, the number of cases continues to increase because people still don’t get it… STAY HOME!!!!!!

And if that weren’t bad enough, my wedding, which I was happily planning for May 16th, may now have to be postponed. My fiance and I are keeping are fingers crossed that we hit the peak of this soon so everything is dying down by the end of the month and we can continue as scheduled, but each day, my optimism dies a little more. Even though we came up with a back up plan that allows us to be married on our day with the party later on, I just want to cry. IT’S NOT FAIR!

If there is any positive in all this, it’s that because I’m forced to stay at home, I can read to my heart’s content. And thank god for my books. My current task at work is to provide daily updates to the county legislators about what is happening in the county and the state regarding COVID-19, which means I have to inhale the news for at least four hours a day, if not more. As soon that task is done, I immediately shut off the news because I just can’t. I swear, if it wasn’t for my books that allow me to escape from reality a bit, I may have turned crazy by now.

At the beginning of the month, I was actually failing in completing my reading list for the month, but I can proudly say that I completed it, albeit with some changes. Since my book clubs can’t meet due to the banning of gatherings of any kind, I decided to read some books according to my mood.

This was a book club read for the month but I didn’t care because it’s Matilda. If there was ever a light-hearted book to read at such a time as now, this is it. I mean it has it all, books, magic and a happy ending. It was nice to revisit it after so many years since I last read it. But it was still just as enjoyable and I inhaled it within a few hours.

I FINALLY completed the Harry Potter series. I don’t know why but this last book took me forever to finish, having started it in December. It just didn’t capture me like the others, maybe because it was so different? Or maybe I just got bored, which I have a tendency of doing when I read series. I figured out that there is a pattern in all the story lines and then I get bored. While HP broke the pattern here and there, I was just over it by the seventh book.

The month was almost over before I realized that it was Women’s History Month and I had yet to read “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. But finish it I did and I absolutely loved it! I was surprised by relatable it was. It’s way more than just a memoir. You can see more about what I thought in my review.

This is the second Liane Moriarty book I have read, and I think she is quickly becoming a go-to author. Especially when I need something I know will capture my attention right away. I was not expecting so many twist and turns with this one, and barely figured out who died before it was revealed. As soon as I got done reading the book, I binge-watched the first season of the HBO series. While there were a few differences, I did enjoy it. I am just debating whether to continue on with the second season, which goes beyond the book. I heard it ends with a cliff hanger and since they aren’t going to do a third season, I don’t think I should get too invested.

I totally forgot that I had this book on my shelves until I went in search of another book the other day. It was way better than I expected it to be, though I can’t say what that was since I went into this book blind. It is definitely going on the suggestion list for book club, as there are definitely a lot of things to discuss.

These were the two that were on my original list for the month that I didn’t get to. However, “Woman in the Window” was going to be a reread. I did start “Midnight’s Children” but it’s a slow burn and I don’t have the brain capacity at the moment to get through it.


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