Cashing in at the BandN #BookHaul

As you know, I am not one to go on a crazy spending spree at the book store. I will buy a book here and there, if I need it right away for book club but normally I wait until the library book sales, where I can get the books I really liked throughout the year for my shelves.

However, a sale is a sale and Barnes and Noble is currently having their blowout sale, where they have books 50 percent off. I couldn’t resist so I stopped on my way home from work. Since I am a member, I had access early. I was able to score five books plus a free tote but there were somethings I wish I had known before going.

  1. The blowout sale is not throughout the whole store. There will likely be 3 or 4 tables near the entrance that will have signage. There will be employees hanging around to direct people. This could differ from store to store.
  2. You may be able to score a free tote, but there is a condition: You have to buy at least three books. They can be any three books from the store, not necessarily from the sale.
  3. Circle a few times because you may not see everything the first time around. I must have circled three times and each time I found a book I didn’t see before. Either I’m blind or the book store elves were having fun with me.
  4. The biggest deals will probably be at the classics table. The sale at my store had one whole table dedicated to classics. Most of the paperbacks are $5.99 normally so the books are $3. I just happend to need Turn of the Screw for my book club in October.
  5. There may be a hidden table somewhere. I was at the end of my browsing, ready to check out, but I decided to go in search of With the Fire on High. I couldn’t find it but knowing that they usually have books on random displays, I decided to ask customer service. It just so happened that they had put these books on a cart at the second entrance to the store. I found a whole new selection to choose from. Not only did I get With the Fire on High but I was able to also get the latest Markus Zusak book half off! Sweet!
  6. Compare prices. Before purchasing the hard cover books marked down, I checked to see if they had the paperback versions and compared to make sure I was getting the biggest bang for my buck. Some of the hardcovers are $27 which is $13.50 on sale. Trade paperbacks are about $16 and a regular paperback is about $10.
  7. The book haul is also available online. I didn’t check it out so I don’t know if there are offers that differ from the store but if you don’t feel like physically traipsing to the store, there is that option.

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