Colleen Hoover’s ‘Verity’ will put you on edge

I was a bit skeptical about this when my book club chose it. We had read Colleen Hoover before and I just wasn’t a huge fan of it. In fact, it was the result of my very first review on this blog, go figure. However, I ordered it online because it wasn’t in the library yet and waited. When it came, I sat down on my couch and began to read. I finished it within four hours.

The book opens with the main character Lowen Ashleigh witnessing a horrific accident on a Manhatten crosswalk. While the accident has nothing to do with the rest of the story, Lowen encounters a stranger who offers his help. What she doesn’t know is that this stranger will be offering her a job of a lifetime.

When the accident occurs, Lowen is on her way to a meeting with her publisher and a potential client. Lowen learns that a famous thriller writer, Verity Crawford, was in a car accident and Verity’s husband, Jeremy wants to hire Lowen to help finish the last three books in his wife’s best-selling series.

Lowen, who is going through her own personal issue at the moment, reluctantly agrees to take the job and goes to the author’s house for research. Lowen must not only get in the mind of the characters of the books but also Verity’s mind. During a search of Verity’s office, Lowen uncovers a manuscript, which turn out to be an autobiography, but when Lowen begins to read it, she uncovers a whole lot more than she bargained for.

I haven’t read a book like this in a long time. I simply couldn’t put it down. Hoover makes the reader feel they are in the Crawford house alongside Lowen. I was experiencing the same emotions as she was throughout book. In fact, there is one scene where I had to stifle a yelp because it just freaked me the hell out. In the book, the character screams, but had I done that I probably would have scared the crap out of my fiancé who was sleeping in bed beside me. And this was only one scene. There were a few others that had my heart practically jumping out of my chest. Despite it reaching 1 in the morning, I kept reading.

I was almost disappointed at the end of the book when everything came to an end so quickly. I was like, wait, that’s it? After 300 pages, she wraps everything up in a page or two? Seriously? It was the problem I had with the other book I had read. But this time, I was jumping the gun in making my assessment, because there were a few more pages, which threw everything I thought I knew up in the air, to the point that I didn’t know what to believe. I closed the book trying to figure out trying to make sense of it. It’s kind of brilliant actually.

I can’t wait to discuss this with the rest of the group. By the reactions I am seeing on Goodreads, I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting discussion.

Have you read Verity? What did you think? What other books have you read that put you on edge? Let’s discuss!

One thought on “Colleen Hoover’s ‘Verity’ will put you on edge

  1. […] I won’t lie that I was really nervous about this book. I didn’t completely like “It Ends With Us”, but this one was completely different. I stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish it because I needed to know what happened. The ending was a twist and created a great discussion in book club. Many of us didn’t know which character to root for in the end and we kept going back and forth about each one of them. As for me, I totally thought that Verity was guilty. You can read more about what I thought in my review. […]


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