What do you read? Popular books or the forgotten titles?

Ok my fellow book bloggers. I want to know your reading trends. Do you tend to read the trending, popular books, (i.e., the new releases, bestsellers or the hyped up books) or do you gravitate toward the books that people have forgotten about?

For me, it’s the latter. Usually I won’t read a book that is hyped up until way after the hype is over. Which is why I love the book clubs that I am part of. They tend not to read newer releases but instead, books that people may not have heard of. There have been so many books that I normally would never have read that I am so glad I did.

There is also nothing better than browsing through the stacks at the library in search of that hidden gem. I have done this ever since I was a kid in search of a book at the school library and still do it today. If I go to the library with no particular book in mind, I will start at one of the alphabet and work my way through each row of books until something catches my eye. It’s how I discovered The Obituary Writer and The Snow Child last year and When She Woke a few years ago. All of these books I had never heard of but had plucked them off the library shelf with interest and ended up loving them.

One thought on “What do you read? Popular books or the forgotten titles?

  1. I end up reading a mixture of new and older books partly because the book club tends to choose current paperbacks where I hav a stack of unread books from past years. I like your strategy for using the library. Might try that next time I visit.

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