A very Merry Christmas was had by this book admirer

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

This has been probably one of the best Christmas seasons I have had and honestly, I think it is because I gave back this year.

The county hosts an Adopt-a-Family program where people can donate or adopt a family in need for Christmas. The legislature gets involved with this and our office adopted 21 families. My coworker and I adopted one and it felt so good buying something for someone who needed it. When we dropped the gifts off at the house last week, it was great seeing how happy the mother was, knowing that her daughter (who was at school at the time) would come home to find gifts under the tree. We made sure to get most, if not all, of the items on their wish lists. I just wish we were there when they actually opened the gifts.

As a result of this, I really didn’t want anything for Christmas, to the frustration of my fiancé who was at a loss of what to get me. However, it forced him to get creative and he ended up making me a gift, which is worth so much more than if he went out to get me something. He made a Date Jar. He filled a jar with popsicle sticks and on each one are different things we can do together. I actually knew that I was getting this because he had asked someone if they thought it was a good idea and they actually told him no. However, I am a romantic so when he told me of his “failed” plan I totally “oohhed” and “ahhed” and told him he could still do it since I didn’t know what dates he had planned. The result was better than I could have imagined.

Can I just say how much I loved that he included that one date of coffee and reading together? There is hope yet!

The only bookish thing(s) I received this year was from my book club. We had our annual Meet and Greet, which is always a good time. We play games such as book bingo or Who Am I?, which entails putting a character on the back of each person and they have to guess who they are by asking questions. Then we get down to the main event. The Book Swap. And if you haven’t done a book swap with a bunch of book lovers, then you better beware. Sleeves get rolled up, elbows get sharpened and everyone gets ready to fight. The first year, I was new to the game and ended up with a book I didn’t want. By now, my third year in, I’m a pro and even said to be a bit ruthless when it comes to acquiring a good pick. In our book swap, you can either open a wrapped book or steal from someone but a book can only be stolen 3 times before it dies and is off the table. I had my eyes on two books that got stolen twice already. Right before I went, the individual announced she was pregnant. Then they said I can’t steal from a pregnant lady. Sorry those weren’t part of the rules. I totally stole. Sorry, not sorry. I scored these beauties.


I have been dying to read Educated forever and all the reviews have been nothing but good. Fear was part of the set, but I found out by someone that it is the first edition. I also found out that this person used to work with Woodward. Small world!!

As favors, we also got bookish pins, which were so cute. As co-organizer of the party, I swiped two of them because I loved them so much (We had plenty left over).

With Christmas now over, I am looking forward to the New Year. There are so many things I want to do in 2019 but that is for another post.

Yours truly,

Book Admirer

How was your Christmas season? What bookish things did you receive/give? Let’s discuss!

6 thoughts on “A very Merry Christmas was had by this book admirer

    • Thanks! My dream is to get a stack of books for Christmas. In my 31 years, that has only happened once. No matter how many hints I give out. I’m thinking next year, I will leave a list of books on the fridge lol


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