Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

I don’t know how I did this but I totally didn’t realize that Nicholas Sparks came out with a new  book in October. But you better believe that as soon as I found out I went to the store to get myself a copy.

img_0744I spent all of a lazy Sunday reading this book because I am that devoted fan who has to devour his books in a day. Though it’s not that difficult to do so because he is an amazing storyteller. I had bought the book and proceeded to read it without even knowing what it was about but as always it was a page turner.

The book begins in Africa where Tru Walls lives and works as a safari guide, when he receives a letter from his biological father, who he has never met, to come to North Carolina to meet and talk.

At the same time, Hope Anderson decides to spend the weekend at her parent’s cottage in Sunset Beach to think about her life and where it is heading. She feels that she is stuck in life, with a boyfriend of six years who has yet to pop the question and a father who has recently been diagnosed with ALS.

Inevitably, Hope and Tru’s paths cross and the two find they have an instant connection but as Sparks always does, the relationship is by far not as predictable or as easy as it seems.

I love Nicholas Sparks because not only does he know how to tell a great love story, but he always manages to find a way to make them different, with a surprise twist thrown in along the way that always breaks your heart and makes you realize how precious love is. That once you find it, you can never let it go.

Every Breath reminded me of some of Sparks’ earlier works that made me fall in love with him as a writer. Though his books are always good, I have felt that some of his moreimg_0745 recent books have been lacking to some degree. It felt like some of the storylines were not as well thought out and he was just writing to write. Not so with this one.

This book is centered around a true story, which is what makes it more endearing for me. Sparks describes in the introduction his inspiration for the book came from a letter he read in the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Sunset Beach (A place where people can share their personal stories). To think that Hope and Tru’s (not their real names) story is real makes you believe that true love can live through any obstacles that is thrown at it. It almost has that Message in Bottle feel to it.

And in case you forgot that the story was based on true events, Sparks adds a conclusion about the real couple after the book was finished. You know, in case, you weren’t crying already.

Have you read this book yet? What did you think? Let’s discuss!

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