Top 5 Tuesday: Books that made me laugh

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm . This week’s post is all about the books that make us laugh and for me there a few.

furiously happy

Whenever I think of a funny book, this one immediately comes to mind. I had tears rolling down my face. Lawson puts a hysterical spin on a such a serious topic of mental health. But if you can’t laugh about it, what can you do? And if you are unsure about whether to read this, that crazy raccoon on the cover is not just artwork. HINT HINT.

One for the Money

I have only recently gotten into Janet Evanovich and I am so glad. Grandma Mazur had me laughing until it hurt. I had to put the book down for five minutes to try to get myself under control after one particular scene. Not to mention that since I come from Jersey, it was hysterical reading the mannerisms that fit us so well.

Still Foolin Em

Since I just finished this one, it had to make my list. I strongly advise listening to the audiobook to this one. While reading it is still funny, Crystal narrates the book and does some chapters as a standup show in front of a live  NYU audience.

Scrappy Little Nobody

I love Anna Kendrick and her dry sarcasm. I listened to the audiobook to this one and she narrates it. It was so fun hearing her as she is in Pitch Perfect that there were definitely some LOL moments as she talks about her life.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

I read this book last year and it is such a fun read.  I was definitely laughing throughout this book, not only with some of the antics but because of some of the descriptions. Absolutely out of this world.

What books have made you laugh? Have you read any of the ones on this list? What did you think? Let’s discuss! 🙂

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