One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich was one of those authors for me that I just never got into despite seeing her books everywhere. Until now. My friend, who loves Evanovich, bought me the first book in the Plum series and said that I had to read it because it reminded her of me. Well then…

One for the MoneyIn short, One for the Money is about a woman, Stephanie Plum, who needs money and gets a job with her uncle at his bail bonding company. One of her first jobs is to catch her old high school crush Joe Morelli, a local vice cop who is wanted for murder. Plum realizes the job isn’t as easy as it seems as she runs into several characters and her life is threatened more than once. She realizes that there is more that meets the eye in her quest to nab Morelli.

As soon as I started reading it, I knew I was going to like it. Having been born and raised in New Jersey, where the story is set, I immediately felt like I was at home. I was grinning throughout this book as I recited the dialogue in my head. Stephanie’s family had me in downright hysterics because if it didn’t remind me of my own family, it reminded me of someone else’s that I knew. By far, I loved Grandma Mazur, the little firecracker. I will never forget the part where Mazur grabs Stephanie’s gun and shoots the chicken on the table. “I shot that sucker in the gumpy” had me in hysterics. I had tears rolling down my face.

The plot has some holes in it, especially surrounding Morelli’s case. Having questioned a number of police chiefs regarding homicides in my profession, I know how they handle cases, especially ones involving their own. I just felt like maybe Evanovich should have fleshed it out a little more. My journalistic brain kept asking questions that noone else seemed to be asking. But that’s just me being overly critical. Overall, the storyline works and the pace is even throughout the book. There were no dry spells or parts bogged down. I just kept turning the pages.

In comparison, the book was way better than the movie, which I had briefly started to watch a while ago when it was on TV. I love Katherine Heigl but she is not a Stephanie Plum. She was not engaging and I ended up changing the channel within the first 10 minutes.

I actually want to continue to read the series and I need to  learn more about the bad ass Ranger so I can officially pick a side in the Morelli vs Ranger debate.

Have you read One for the Money? What did you think? Let’s discuss! Post in the comments.

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