Summer Reading – Week 4 & 5

Hey all,

Things have been incredibly busy the last two weeks so I am a little behind on my summer reading updates. Last weekend, I was in New Jersey with my friend. I gave her the true Jersey experience – beach, bagels, boardwalk and zeppoles. 🙂 I also said yes to the dress. So one  thing has been officially checked off the wedding list. As I write this, I have only an hour before I leave to go tour my first wedding venue. Exciting times. 😀

Anyway, between last week and this week, my reading has been only so-so. For both weeks, I read/listened to 2 books and 20 articles each.

The books/audiobooks included:

Technically I also listened “Oh the Place You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss but since I already handed in my sheet to the library it will have to go on for next week. I feel like I cheated this week with the children’s books, especially since reading/listening to a children’s book takes only minutes. But I guess a book is a book.

I didn’t complete any bingo lines or reviews for either of those weeks so I only got 2 raffle tickets each. I put in for a free Kindle and the restaurant gift card package. The bingo is harder to fill than I originally thought, mainly because they basically have the same activities for every week just in different order. Well often does one go to the museum or a concert in a month? However, looking ahead, I may have better luck next week.

What are you reading this summer? Are you participating in any summer reading programs/challenges? Let’s discuss!


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