TTT: Books with reading sensory memories

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme posted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s post is all about the books that have a particular memory associated with them. Where we were, what we were doing, who we were with, etc.

I have so many sensory memories with books I have read, especially now since I keep an account of those memories for my reviews. However, I tried to mix it up with some old reads with some new. So here are a few books with my favorite memories.

Little Women

This book keeps making my top 10 lists and there is a reason. I have read this book so many times, I lost count. However, I can still remember when I first finished this book. I was in grammar school, I think 7th or 8th grade and it was probably the longest book I had read to date at 568 pages. When I finished this book, I was sitting in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to finish drying. I remember getting to the end and being amazed at how much things had changed from the beginning. I stared into space for a few minutes, taking it all in and then immediately flipped to page one and started all over again.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was the second classic I had read for fun after reading Pride and Prejudice for fun in high school (yes, I was that kind of dork). I remember lying on my stomach on my bed, propped on my elbows, reading this when I got to the part where they reveal Mr. Rochester’s secret. I was blown away that a classic could have such a twist. I was liking the book but at that point I loved the book. I have read it multiple times since.

Message in a bottle

This was my introduction to Nicholas Sparks after my high school librarian recommended it. Again I remember reading this book, while sitting in the laundromat (yes, I got a lot of reading done as a child doing my family’s laundry). I also remember getting to a heart breaking part of this book and trying to not to cry. Of course that was impossible, so I tried to do it discreetly.

Gone Girl

Many of you have heard this story on numerous occasions but I was reading this book at my fiance’s house when we were early in our relationship. We were just hanging out. He was on his computer and I was lying across his bed reading this. Then I got to the pivotal point in the book (for those who read this, you know what I am talking about) and I literally flipped off the bed, screamed, started jumping up and down while almost tearing the book in half. Yes, that was my ‘WTF?! I’m can’t believe this’ reaction. It took me a few minutes to calm down to continue with the book. To think, my boyfriend is now my fiance. I guess he likes crazy.

furiously happy

Ok just by the cover, you know this book is going to be funny. Well, I remember lying on my couch while reading this book and laughing hysterically. My fiance was down the hallway in the bedroom on his computer when he heard me and came running out to see what was so funny. He thought I was watching something on television. I wish I took a picture of his face when he realized it was just a book.

Me before you

I can’t remember reading this book the first time, but given I just finished the reread a few weeks ago, I don’t think I will forget the experience. I was lying in bed, reading right before bed, when I reached the sad part. My fiance had just walked into the room when I burst into tears. He was so confused as to why I was crying. When I tried to explain about Will, my fiance just shook his head and something to the effect of “Oh god”. He just doesn’t get it!!!! It was so sad!! 😦

Snow falling on cedarsI can’t recall how I acquired this book, probably from a library book sale, but I remember it was on my book shelf for a while. I decided to take it as my read for vacation in Florida. Well, I read most of it on our flight there (It’s only a three hour flight). I read the rest of it during down time — when I was waiting for everyone to finish getting dressed in the morning, when my fiance drove his mother to work so we could use the car, etc). Suffice it to say, I finished it before we came home and I didn’t bring a back up. Luckily my soon-to-be mother-in-law is a reader so she let me borrow “Outlander” for my flight back.

One for the Money

My best friend bought this for me when we went to the Book Barn in Connecticut last month. I read it two weeks ago in one day as I was laying on my couch. This book was a quick hilarious read. The scene with Grandma Mazur with the gun at dinner had me doubled over in laughter. I had tears streaming down my face so if someone looked at me they would have thought I was crying. Well, I guess technically I was. I was laughing as I text my friend before I continued on. I will never forget, “I shot that sucker right in the gumpy.” Being a Jersey girl, born and raised, I could totally picture all the characters and hear their dialogue in the Jersey accent which made it even funnier.

A Man Called Ove

It was last winter when I took this book out from the library. It was cold day, I had a day off so I decided to wrap myself in a blanket in my wingback chair with a cup of hot chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies and read. Good thing I ate my snacks early on because I was a blubbering mess by the end. I was crying for at least 20 minutes afterward as well. This book had all the feels.

Falling to Earth.jpg

This one seems totally random and it is. When I was reporter in Jersey, I usually had about two hours to kill inbetween the times I was in the office and when I had a town meeting. So, I used to hang out in the Barnes n Noble in the mall, down the street from where I had to go. I was browsing the tables, when for some reason this book caught my eye. I started reading the first page and was interested. So I sat down in a chair in the corner of the store near a window and began to read. Well by the time I had to leave, I was nearly 100 pages in. At that point I was committed, so I just bought it. Actually that happened quite a lot. Hmm. I feel an original post idea for the future.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? What are your favorites memories associated with reading books? Let’s discuss!

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