FFF: What books did you hate reading in high school?

So of course I was a book lover growing up and would read whatever book was assigned and then some. In fact, at the beginning of senior AP English, the teacher gave us a list of books we were going to read that year. She knew we were all readers (hence why we were in that class) so she said that if the majority of the class had read a certain book we wouldn’t read it. My vote didn’t count in the end because I had read the majority of the list just for fun. That includes Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. Yeah, I didn’t have a life in high school except reading.

With that being said, there were three books that I remember hating in high school.


Maybe it was the fact that our English teacher went on maternity and we had a substitute that barely knew how to teach AP students, but I remember hating this book. I can’t even remember what this book was about, I have blocked it out of my mind. I just remember it being such a guy’s book.

Catcher in the rye

I don’t necessarily HATE this book per se but I certainly didn’t like it. I actually read this junior year of high school, but I remember not relating to this book at all and wondering why we were reading it. Maybe, I wasn’t mature enough to read this at that age? I don’t know. I have sworn to try reading it again at some point but have yet to do it.

Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.jpg

OK so my senior AP class completely boycotted this book. Our teacher had assigned us the first chapter and by the next class, we had completely revolted. I remember trying to get past the first page and was like ‘What the hell am I reading?” I think part of the problem is the book is written in a stream of consciousness. It’s hard enough getting most teens to read, now you want them to read something they can’t even understand? Might as well be Latin! Um no.

What books did you hate reading in high school? Let’s discuss! Post in the comments 🙂

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