Audiobook: Why Not Me by Mindy Kahling

I was out of audiobook selections when I decided to try Mindy Kahling’s latest book. I had enjoyed watching her in the few movies I had seen her in and wanted to know more. I didn’t read her first book but this one was getting a lot of play so I said, why not?! It turned out to be the first nonfiction book that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

I was actually surprised by this because I am of the belief that you can’t really judge a nonfiction work. Well, maybe for it’s writing, but for the actual story, it is hard to criticize because you are essentially judging the author and their experience. Yet, I think that is why I didn’t enjoy this book.

It wasn’t so much about Kahling’s life in terms of how she was brought up or her experiences in Hollywood or working on “The Office” – those parts I liked — the majority of the book was her rambling on about nothing.

Also the way she wrote the book was hard to listen to as an audiobook. She made a lot of lists. The top 10 reasons she liked this or why she did that. On audiobook, it felt choppy and if you happened to stop in the middle of a list, when you returned to it, you had no clue what she was talking about. It made it difficult to get into.

I was actually talking to my friend earlier today about this book and she said that Kahling makes a lot of references to “The Office.” I know that she talked about her working on the show but didn’t know she made actual references in other parts of the book. Having seen maybe a handful of episodes, this would not have been easy for me to note. Maybe that is why there were times I didn’t understand what she was going on about.

Maybe I just went into this book at the wrong time. I had just ridden the wave of great celebrity nonfiction like Lauren Graham and Leah Remini and Anna Kendrick. I loved those books and they were all similar in terms of storyline. This was different and I wasn’t ready for it. Not her fault.

Have you read Why Not Me? What did you think? Let’s discuss!

2 thoughts on “Audiobook: Why Not Me by Mindy Kahling

  1. I love Mindy and have watched a lot of her work so I enjoyed this book. But like you said, I think this would be difficult for you to enjoy as an audio book or if you don’t really know the work she is referencing. I really need to read Anna Kendrick’s book some time. It gets a lot of love.


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