Spring book sale #2

Hey all,

I went to my second library book sale for the season, and I think I may have gone overboard, though the haul’s people were leaving with, you wouldn’t know it.

The Schenectady Public Library’s annual book sale is the mother load of all book sales. When you first get there, you don’t even know where to start. There are rows upon rows of books that wrap around the building outside as well as fill a room inside. They even have a map posted on the wall to help you find a specific genre. But once you get your bearing, you hit the rows hard.

Having been to the one last year, I sort of knew the layout so I knew what sections to hit, though today, I skipped a few just to save time. It took me over an hour just to peruse the areas that I did and my bag filled up quickly. (I meant to take a picture of the rows but completely forgot my phone in my car, which was parked down the street.)

The other problem (well not a problem per se) is that paperbacks are 3 for $1, hardcovers are $1, children’s books are $25 for paperbacks and $50 for hardcover and newer books are $1. It’s so easy to just pile up the books. Yet, even though I easily filled my canvas bag with 20 books, I only spent $7. SCORE!


I will say my haul is a little less organized than my last trip. I felt like I was in a race to find a book before everyone else. I mean, it was so packed, I not only had to park down the street, but there were sections you couldn’t even get through. I got there an hour into it and people were already filling up their trucks and going back in to get more. Ohhh, the books that I missed! I totally missed a Kurt Vonnegut book by a few seconds as I watched the guy next to me find it in a tray below the table and casually toss it into a mail carrier box he was toting around. I looked in longing for a second, made sure there weren’t any other hidden treasurers and walked on.

I am still happy with what I got. All the ones I have read were either nostalgia titles that I just wanted on my book shelf or just really good books that I have wanted for awhile. But I think this time around, I got more that I haven’t read. Which means my personal TBR list just got longer. (All titles are linked to Goodreads)

So for the classics, I got Our Town, The Crucible, Charlotte’s Web, The Jungle (TBR), The Swiss Family Robinson (TBR), The Sound and the Fury, The Giver, Watership Down (TBR).

In children’s books, I got what remained of the Harry Potter series (1, 2 and 4) because *GASP* I haven’t read the entire series. I actually have only gotten up to #4 but I need to reread before continuing. They were 25 cents each! How could I pass that up for Harry Potter? Anyways, I also got Walk Two Moons, which I recall reading growing up.

Other fiction picks were Son of a Witch, The Cuckoo’s Calling, Murder on the Orient Express, Christy and East of the Mountains, all of which are TBRs, andย Where the Heart Is. The only nonfiction book is All The President’s Men, which I needed because it’s what finalized my path into journalism.

I think this may have been my biggest haul to date at a book sale. Now I need to rearrange my book shelves to fit them all. Though, maybe I will wait because I have one more book sale to scour before the season is over.

Yours truly,

Book Admirer

What books have you recently acquired? Have you read any in this pile? What did you think? Let’s discuss!

10 thoughts on “Spring book sale #2

  1. Great haul!! I wish we had a library sale here… I loved Murder on the Orient Express. And Charlottes Web was one of my childhood favourites ๐Ÿ˜ I hope you enjoy them!


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