Audiobook: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Scrappy Little Nobody
Cover from Goodreads

So last month, needing a new audiobook to listen to on my daily commute to work, I was scrolling through the books the local library had available on Libby when I saw this one. It had been on my TBR and when I saw that Anna Kendrick was narrating it, I was sold.

I loved Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect for all her snarkiness and humor and I was hoping that she was like this in real life. I was not disappointed. If there is one thing I learned from this experience, it’s that I love listening to nonfiction books narrated by the author. It’s like having a conversation with them. But that is for a different post. This is supposed to be a review.

With her wit, Kendrick recounts her journey into showbiz from performing Broadway to making on the big screen. I actually didn’t know that she was in half of things she was. I had even forgot she played in “Twilight” and yes, she talks all about being a non-important character in the movie, and loving every minute of it, but not for the reasons you think. She also lets you in on how she grew up as a child, a “scrappy  little nobody” to becoming an adult and having to be responsible for things.

What I enjoyed so much about this is that I felt like Anna Kendrick was in my car having a conversation with me – well a one-sided conversation where she talked and I listened – but still a conversation. There were times that I burst out laughing or answered out loud in agreement to something she said.

Kendrick is so open about her life, even some things that people would find embarrassing, but that is what makes her so relatable. Guess what, celebrities are like regular people. *GASP* But they are and I think sometimes we forget that. In this, Kendrick talks like it is, from struggling to pay the bills to buying a used car to dating. At times, she is almost making fun of herself but, hey, it’s her life, she is allowed. And you can’t help nodding and thinking, “Girl, I totally get it!”

This book was everything I was hoping it would be and more. I was kind of sad that the conversation had to end.

Have you read this book? What nonfiction book have you read recently? What audiobook are you currently listening to? Let’s discuss!

2 thoughts on “Audiobook: Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

  1. I have to say, I’ve never even tried an audiobook… but you make a good point. Maybe there is a place for them on my TBR…?


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