It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Rating: 3 of 5 stars.

My first review is not a 5 star rating for the simple reason that the book is predictable. For me, that made the book lose some luster, which is unfortunate.

In short, the book is about a young girl named Lily who meets a neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. They hit it off right away and soon begin a relationship but as time goes on, Lily realizes that it’s not a relationship she had anticipated. Then her first love, Atlas Corrigan, reappears bringing with him a past she left behind and questions about the future.

Colleen Hoover does a relatively good job writing about an issue that is personal to her and affects so many others. However, once I figured out what that topic was going to be, I kept expecting her to tell me something I already didn’t know or something that would leave me feeling emotionally connected. But she doesn’t.

In her note at the end of the book, Hoover says that usually she writes to entertain, not educate and inform, but that this book was different. That it wasn’t entertainment, partly because its on a tough subject matter that is partly based on her own experiences. She says that it was the most grueling book she had to write and that she wanted to delete many of the bad scenes to make them happy. While she trudged on, I feel like her hesitation is noticeable.

In many parts of the book, I felt that Hoover could have went deeper and she held back, which in my opinion leaves the reader feeling cheated. Similar books on this subject have left me with my heart pounding, holding my breath and crying. This book did none of that. Scenes where I should have felt angry at a certain character (sorry don’t want to give it away), I didn’t. Instead I felt sorry for that character and was angry at Lily. It should have been the opposite, which frustrated me. I felt more emotional during Lily’s flashbacks to the past than during the present events. At first I didn’t understand why but upon rereading Hoover’s note, I think she tried to put herself in someone else shoes and couldn’t get there. The past events, she could relate to better because she, herself, was seeing what Lily was seeing at the time. However, Hoover didn’t experience what Lily is experience in her current state.

Don’t get me wrong, “It Ends With Us” was an enjoyable book overall, definitely a fast read, but not one that left an everlasting impression.

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